Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Keep your kitchen up and running with regular, routine maintenance of your commercial catering and refrigeration equipment.

Technical Services and Preventative Maintenance


What is Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)?



Preventative maintenance is the regular, routine maintenance of your commercial kitchen and refrigeration equipment, performed by a fully manufacturer trained and qualified engineer.  This routine activity is specifically designed to improve equipment efficiency, proactively identify and resolve any issues, reduce the likelihood of equipment breakdowns and prolong equipment life.

When totalling the cost of lost energy through inefficiency, emergency breakdowns, kitchen disruption and premature equipment replacement; preventative maintenance offers one of the most cost substantial returns on investment within your kitchen.  

Minimise downtime and unexpected breakdowns with planned health checks on the catering and refrigeration equipment to ensure that your equipment is working correctly, safely and efficiently.


Our trained engineers will also assess the general cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. If necessary, they will carry out additional training with your staff on-site to ensure they are looking after the equipment and using it following the manufacturer's specification.


Once the PPM visit has been completed, any remedial works required will be quoted and carried out following approval.



Why carry out Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)?


  • Improve equipment efficiency, saving energy and running costs.


  • Identify any potential component failures and minimise the likelihood of unit failing and future downtime/loss of revenue.


  • Ensures your equipment and premises comply with important Health & Safety requirements such as the Gas Safety Regulations.


  • Condition reports identify items of equipment that may need replacing or refurbishing. Allowing you to identify the needs of your business and budget accordingly.


  • Identify any operational bad practices which could damage the equipment or invalidate the warranty. These can usually be addressed by simple on-site training.


  • Check ventilation system is working efficiently, being adequately maintained and there is no risk of dangerous fumes in the kitchen.


  • Helps to ensure that staff operatives are buying into a cleaning/maintenance regime, avoiding the cost of unnecessary component failure.


  • Check to ensure that the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines are being implemented, avoiding chargeable warranty calls.


  • Highlights any apparent risks regarding the general operation of the kitchen and the preparation and serving of food.


  • Proven to extend the lifetime of the equipment protecting the return on your investment.

Looking to start planned preventative maintenance?


Call us today on 01733 246 392 to find out how planned preventative maintenance can work for your business.

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